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Agile/Scrum/Six Sigma Training

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Agile/Scrum/Six Sigma Training

Whether you are looking for introductory or advanced training scrum, agile or Six Sigma methodology our courses are just what you need. All of these courses are available for hosted events at your location, and/or Live-Online

3 Days
This Agile training course offers hands-on practices in Iteration Planning, Product Roadmap and Backlog, Estimating Practices, User Story Development and Iteration Execution.

2 Days
This Introduction to Agile training course will lay the foundation for building your Agile success.

1 Days
Basic Foundation course in Scrum methodologies for building your Agile success.

This one day overview includes an overview of Six Sigma, Six Sigma Project Definition, Six Sigma Deployment and project examples.

A Black Belt is fluent in the use of the Lean Six Sigma approach and tools, often delivers major performance or efficiency transformation for a business. Typically, they are Change Leaders within the business.

Green Belt professionals are trained and certified at a more advanced level, in the tools and approach of Lean Six Sigma. They tackle change within their business in addition to their other responsibilities.

2 Days
Yellow Belts are trained in the basics of Lean Six Sigma, and can typically carry out performance improvements within their teams.

Do not see the class you are looking for?

We can offer private & customizable group training courses for you and your team at a location anywhere in the world. For your added convenience, we also can offer on-site testing for many popular vendor neutral and vendor specific certifications through our partnerships with leading exam providers.

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Interested in Self-Paced Online Courses?

Our self-paced online training is easy to comprehend and quick to learn. Our design team is powered by an elite group of professionals with the synergy to achieve our vision of the best learning experience for your educational career goals. Our Self-paced online training is a cost-effective way to help learn and understand many popular topics.

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