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Official CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Boot Camp

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CompTIA Cloud+

Our 5-Day Official CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Boot Camp covers incorporating and managing cloud technologies as part of broader systems operations to meet specific business needs and work in a variety of different industries.

Onsite during this course you will take the following exam:
CV0-002 CompTIA Cloud+

This course also covers new technologies that support the changing cloud market as more organizations depend on cloud-based technologies to run mission critical systems, and hybrid and multi-cloud have become the norm.

Cloud+ is the only vendor-neutral, performance-based certification covering more than a specific vendor or a single function like security or networking to help you better realize the return on investment of cloud infrastructure services.


Duration: 5 days
Exam Vouchers: Included
GSA Catalog: GS-02F-0044T
ISACA training partner

Official CompTIA Training Includes:
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Courseware
  • Official Cloud+ Exam Voucher
  • CompTIA Education Guarantee

  • Training Camp Exclusive Add-ons:
  • Practice Exam
  • Exam Prep Study Guide
  • Detailed Pre-Class Study Access

  • Why Cloud+ Training & Certification with Training Camp

    As a CompTIA Platinum Partner, Training Camp has successfully delivered hands-on CompTIA training & tested for exam to over 15,000+ professionals, and pioneered the first exam-focused CompTIA Certification "Boot Camp" over 15 years ago.

    Cloud+ Courseware
    Highest Rated CompTIA Cloud+ Courseware

    Courseware was designed by an extensive team of leading industry authors, subject matter experts, and courseware designers, constantly incorporating feedback from our thousands of alumni students.

    Cloud+ Instructors
    CompTIA Certified Instructors

    We utilize Certified CompTIA instructors who are Subject Matter Experts well-versed in accelerated learning and exam preparation during our Cloud+ Boot Camp. Their delivery accommodates every student's learning needs through individualized instruction, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

    Cloud+ Exam Practice Tests
    Detailed Exam Review & Realistic CompTIA Practice Exams

    This accelerated Cloud+ training programs includes value-added exam prep sessions & constantly updated practice exam review drills - representative of the actual exam questions delivered during the official certification test.

    cloud+ Exam
    Pre-Exam Support

    With our award winning exam prep, you will be ready to take on this required Cloud+ exam. We also host mentoring programs to help students before testing. Our goal is for students to leave class with real-world & certification knowledge.

    Instructor-Led Boot Camp
    View the current pricing and listed dates for this Official CompTIA Cloud+ Boot Camp program.

    Self-Paced Online
    Our Self-paced online training is a cost-effective way to help prepare for the CompTIA certification.

    Private Group Training
    Cloud+ training with onsite exam delivery options to support your team training requirements.

    Is Cloud+ right for me?

    The CompTIA Cloud+ exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to understand standard cloud methodologies; to implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies (e.g., network, storage, and virtualization technologies); and to understand aspects of IT security and use industry best practices related to cloud implementations. It is recommended that CompTIA Cloud+ candidates have:

    At least 24–36 months of work experience in IT networking, network storage, or datacenter administration - Familiarity with any major hypervisor technologies for server virtualization, although vendor-specific certifications in virtualization are not required - Knowledge of cloud service model (IaaS, Paas, Saas) definitions - Knowledge of common cloud deployment model (Private, Public, Hybrid) definitions - Hands-on experience with at least one public cloud IaaS platform.

    CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Training Outline

    Configuration and Deployment

    Given a scenario, analyze system requirements to ensure successful system deployment.
    Given a scenario, execute a provided deployment plan.
    Given a scenario, analyze system requirements to determine if a given testing plan is appropriate.
    Given a scenario, analyze testing results to determine if the testing was successful in relation to given system requirements.
    Given a scenario, analyze sizing, subnetting, and basic routing for a provided deployment of the virtual network.
    Given a scenario, analyze CPU and memory sizing for a provided deployment.
    Given a scenario, analyze the appropriate storage type and protection capability for a provided deployment.
    Given a scenario, analyze characteristics of the workload (storage, network, compute) to ensure a successful migration.
    Given a scenario, apply elements required to extend the infrastructure into a given cloud solution.


    Given a scenario, apply security configurations and compliance controls to meet given cloud infrastructure requirements.
    Given a scenario, apply the appropriate ACL to the target objects to meet access requirements according to a security template.
    Given a cloud service model, implement defined security technologies to meet given security requirements.
    Given a cloud service model, apply the appropriate security automation technique to the target system.


    Given a cloud service model, determine the appropriate methodology to apply given patches.
    Given a scenario, apply the appropriate automation tools to update cloud elements.
    Given a scenario, apply an appropriate backup or restore method.
    Given a cloud-based scenario, apply appropriate disaster recovery methods.
    Given a cloud-based scenario, apply the appropriate steps to ensure business continuity.
    Given a scenario, apply the appropriate maintenance automation technique to the target objects.


    Given a scenario, analyze defined metrics to determine the presence of an abnormality and/or forecast future needed cloud resources.
    Given a scenario, determine the appropriate allocation of cloud resources.
    Given a scenario, determine when to provision/ deprovision cloud resources.
    Given a scenario, implement account provisioning techniques in a cloud environment to meet security and policy requirements.
    Given a scenario, analyze deployment results to confirm they meet the baseline.
    Given a specific environment and related data (e.g., performance, capacity, trends), apply appropriate changes to meet expected criteria.
    Given SLA requirements, determine the appropriate metrics to report.


    Given a scenario, troubleshoot a deployment issue.
    Given a scenario, troubleshoot common capacity issues.
    Given a scenario, troubleshoot automation/orchestration issues.
    Given a scenario, troubleshoot connectivity issues.
    Given a scenario, troubleshoot security issues.
    Given a scenario, explain the troubleshooting methodology.

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