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Official (ISC)2 CCSP Certification Training Boot Camp

CISSP Training Camp
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(ISC)² CCSP Training

Our Official (ISC)² 6-Day CCSP Certification Boot Camp is a comprehensive review of cloud concepts & industry best practices merged with Training Camp's award-winning comprehensive exam preparation for CCSP.

As the creator of the only Official (ISC)² Exam Prep Boot Camp, our course features exclusive options, such as our Training Camp designed Official (ISC)² Evening Review Sessions, and hosting of the Official (ISC)² CCSP exam at the end of class.

How can you offer the exam as part of the class?
Training Camp is the only (ISC)² partner that is blessed to offer the exam onsite as part of your (ISC)² Official training experience.

Our CCSP training programs are also offered via Live Online:
Official (ISC)² 5-Day CCSP Certification (Live Online)

Enrollment Information

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CCSP Boot Camp

Duration: 6 days
Exam Voucher: Included
Testing: Delivered On-Site
GSA Catalog: GS-02F-0044T

Course Options

Hosted CCSP Boot Camp Private Group Class Request
Hosted ccsp Boot Camp Live Online (ISC)² CCSP
Hosperson p Classroom Live (ISC)² CCSP
ISC2 training partner

Official (ISC)² Training Includes:
  • Official (ISC)² CCSP CBK Review
  • Official (ISC)² Flash Cards
  • Official (ISC)² Practice Exam
  • Official (ISC)² CCSP Exam Voucher
  • Official (ISC)² Education Guarantee

  • Training Camp Exclusive Boot Camp Add-ons:
  • Official (ISC)² Onsite Testing
  • Official (ISC)² CBK Evening Sessions
  • Official (ISC)² Pre-Exam Review Session
  • Training Camp Exam Prep Study Guide
  • Training Camp Pre-Class Prep Kit*

  • For (ISC)² CCSP Certification, we offer a wide range of options for our students. Training Camp's instructor-led boot camps are offered across the U.S., both in-person & web based online. If you have a small group, we can also offer Private Group Training with the Official (ISC)² CCSP exam hosted at any location in the world.

    Instructor-Led Boot Camps
    Check out our full listing of Training Camp course programs, offered at nationwide locations.

    Post 9/11 G.I. Bill
    These benefits may cover up to 100% of tuition, courseware, lodging, testing and other training-related costs as well.

    Onsite Group Training
    Training Camp offers Official (ISC)² CCSP training with onsite examination delivery anywhere in the world.

    (ISC)² Exam Voucher Disclaimer/Warning

    (ISC)² and (ISC)² Official Training Providers are the only authorized organizations with the ability to offer exam vouchers for (ISC)² certification exams. Be wary of "unofficial" providers who offer exam vouchers for (ISC)² testing. Since this is the published policy of Pearson Vue and (ISC)², accepting these unapproved purchased exam vouchers can be a violation of (ISC)² Code Of Ethics.

    If you are asked for your employee's Pearson VUE log-in information to purchase exam voucher, this release of Pearson VUE credentials to unauthorized third parties is a violation of (ISC)2 Non-Disclosure Agreement. Violations of the (ISC)² Non-Disclosure Agreement may result in the immediate and permanent termination of your exam result or certification(s).


    Why Choose Training Camp for (ISC)² CCSP Training

    Training Camp has been awarded numerous awards from (ISC)² for over ten years. Our decade-long partnership with (ISC)² demonstrates Training Camp's experience and expertise delivering information security certification training across their full portfolio of certifications. Training Camp is also the only partner that is blessed to offer the exam onsite as part of your (ISC)2 Official Training experience.

    CCSP Instructors
    (ISC)² Approved CCSP + CISSP Certified Instructors

    We utilize Authorized (ISC)² instructors who are Subject Matter Experts well-versed in accelerated learning and exam preparation during our CCSP boot camp. Their delivery accommodates every student's learning needs through individualized instruction, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

    This global network of Authorized CCSP instructors are committed to delivering the highest standard in cloud security training. Having a direct link with (ISC)², they help build the value of Official (ISC)² training, and help our students towards CCSP certification.

    CCSP Courseware
    Customized 100% Updated Exam Preparation Study Guide
    *Training Camp Exclusive Feature

    Our award-winning comprehensive exam preparation best practice guide book is designed with extensive work from (ISC)² Instructors, Training Camp Subject Matter Experts, and feedback from the contributions from (ISC)² members.

    Covering the CCSP domains, this comprehensive guide book helps to demonstrate concepts, frameworks and real-life scenarios. Mixed with Training Camp's award winning best practices and exam prep techniques, this feature has been used by the world's most experienced practitioners for CCSP certification success.

    Certification Practice Tests
    Detailed Evening Review & Official (ISC)² Practice Exam
    *Training Camp Exclusive Feature

    Our course includes value-added evening review sessions covering 100% up-to-date materials on the lastest version of the (ISC)² CCSP exam. These CCSP certification exam prep sessions are designed to take the concepts and topics from our course and foucus down the certification requirements.

    We also feature Official (ISC)² practice exams with unique practice questions, covering all of the CCSP domains. These practice exams are only offering with Official (ISC)² training and representative of the actual exam questions from (ISC)².

    Hosted Onsite Official CCSP Exam
    *Training Camp Exclusive Feature

    We host the official (ISC)² CCSP exam at the end of the class for our students. These examinations are delivered at our site - with (ISC)² approval - not at 'local' testing centers that are subject to seat availability.

    With our Official (ISC)² Pre-Exam Review Session, prior to the hosted onsite exam, you will be ready to take on the CCSP exam. Our goal is for students to leave class with CCSP certification.

    Training Camp Pre-Class Prep Kit
    *Training Camp Exclusive Feature

    As a value-add to our CCSP program, we provide the CCSP (ISC)² Official Study Guide for pre-class support. We also provide 90-day access to Training Camp's Pre-Class Self-Paced Video for CCSK, to help in your study path.

    What is CCSP?

    The vendor-neutral CCSP certification is a global credential that represents the highest standard for cloud security expertise. It was co-created by (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance — leading stewards for information security and cloud computing security.

    Is CCSP certification right for me?

    Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of cumulative, paid, full-time work experience in information technology in which three years must be in information security and one year in one or more of the six domains of the CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)

    If you hold CISSP certification, that can substituted for the entire CCSP certification experience requirement.

    What are the 6 CCSP domains?

    The CCSP exam tests your skills in six domains. The domains draw from a range of cloud security topics within the (ISC)² Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The CCSP exam tests one's competence in the 6 domains of the CCSP CBK, which cover:

    Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements
    Cloud Data Security
    Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security
    Cloud Application Security
    Legal and Compliance

    How much salary does a CCSP make?

    Certified Cloud security professionals will remain in high demand from private sector & U.S. government security teams. With the experience required to earn CCSP, salaries should be over $100,000 per year as a baseline. According to a recent Washington Post report, cloud security is one of the fastest growing IT sections.

    How long is the CCSP exam?

    The CISSP exam is a detailed multiple choice exam that includes 125 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 4 hours.

    How is the CCSP exam graded?

    According to (ISC)², a scaled score is a different way of expressing a candidate’s achieved score in the examination without distorting the meaning of scores. In scaled score reporting, a candidate’s raw score (number of items answered correctly) is converted to a number within a predefined score range. In the case of (ISC)², all raw scores are converted to scaled scores of 0-1000. One needs roughly 700 (70%) or higher to pass the CCSP certification exam.

    Is CCSP training & certification worth the effort?

    Once you’ve earned this cloud security certification, you become a member of (ISC)2. You enter one of the largest communities of information security professionals in the world. You gain access to unparalleled global resources and networking.CCSP was ranked #1 on " The Next Big Thing" list as the certification survey respondents plan to earn in 2017 and 2016 – Certification Magazine, Annual Salary Survey Edition

    CCSP Certification Boot Camp Course Outline

    Architectural Concepts and Design Requirements - CCSP Domain

    Understand cloud computing concepts
    Describe cloud reference architecture
    Understand security concepts relevant to cloud computing
    Understand design principles of secure cloud computing
    Identify trusted cloud services

    Cloud Data Security- CCSP Domain

    Understand cloud data lifecycle
    Design and implement cloud data storage architectures
    Design and apply data security strategies
    Understand and implement data discovery and classification technologies
    Design and implement relevant jurisdictional data protections for personally identifiable information (PII)
    Design and implement data rights management
    Plan and implement data retention, deletion, and archiving policies
    Design and implement auditability, traceability and accountability of data events

    Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security- CCSP Domain

    Comprehend cloud infrastructure components
    Analyze risks associated to cloud infrastructure
    Design and plan security controls
    Plan disaster recovery and business continuity management

    Cloud Application Security- CCSP Domain

    Recognize the need for training and awareness in application security
    Understand cloud software assurance and validation
    Use verified secure software
    Comprehend the software development life-cycle (SDLC) process
    Apply the secure software development life-cycle
    Comprehend the specifics of cloud application architecture
    Design appropriate identity and access management (IAM) solutions

    Operations- CCSP Domain

    Support the planning process for the data center design
    Implement and build physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Run physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Manage physical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Build logical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Run logical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Manage logical infrastructure for cloud environment
    Ensure compliance with regulations and controls (e.g., ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000-1)
    Conduct risk assessment to logical and physical infrastructure
    Understand the collection, acquisition and preservation of digital evidence
    Manage communication with relevant parties

    Legal and Compliance- CCSP Domain

    Understand legal requirements and unique risks within the cloud environment
    Understand privacy issues, including jurisdictional variation
    Understand audit process, methodologies, and required adaptions for a cloud environment
    Understand implications of cloud to enterprise risk management
    Understand outsourcing and cloud contract design
    Execute vendor management

    Saturday CCSP Exam Review

    Official Training Camp Value-Add Exam Review
    Official CCSP Certification Exam (Onsite)

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    (ISC)2 Pearson VUE Exam Disclaimer

    (ISC)2 and (ISC)2 Official Training Providers are the only authorized organizations with the ability to offer exam vouchers for (ISC)2 certification exams. Be wary of "unofficial" providers who ask for your employee's Pearson VUE log-in information; release of Pearson VUE credentials to unauthorized third parties is a violation of (ISC)2 Non-Disclosure Agreement. Violations of the (ISC)2 Non-Disclosure Agreement may result in the immediate and permanent termination of your exam result or certification(s).