Agile for Executives

Step-by-step approach to Agile for executives

Course Overview

In this 1-day Agile for Executives course we will provide you the metrics, methodologies, and accepted, tried, and true principles of Agile management techniques that will transform and empower your position and your business environment.

Course Formats

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Subject Areas

Agile practices and principles and how to incorporate into your day-to-day tasks
Valuable information from industry surveys identifying compelling Agile benefits realized by companies worldwide
Effective metrics for managing Agile team performance
Dispel the myth that mid- and long-term planning are abandoned with Agile
How teams and management can build trust more quickly
Transition from command and control to empower and inspire style of leadership
How to help teams to create a cadence that will enable them to succeed
Tools and techniques for promoting transparency in communication at all levels
Some of the common pitfalls Agile teams may encounter
Learn from an instructor with day-to-day experience implementing Agile practices across multiple organizations
Glean knowledge of Agile team roles and where the executive fits