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VMware NSX® for Internetworking Experts Fast Track [V6.2] - Training Camp

VMware 6.0 Certification Training
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Our 5-Day VMware NSX® for Internetworking Experts Fast Track [V6.2] training course features intensive hands-on training that focuses on installing, configuring, and managing VMware NSX®.

This Official VMware course covers the following certification:
VMware Certified Professional 6 – Network Virtualization

During this course, Data center network architectures are examined to demonstrate how NSX intersects with and virtualizes functions of a Cisco-based infrastructure in spine-leaf and traditional core-aggregate-access architectures. Lecture and hands-on lab activities support your understanding of NSX features, functionality, and ongoing management and control.

In addition to our public course schedule for VMware training, we can also offer Private Group Training with the option for the VMware exams to be hosted at any location in the world.

NSX 6.2

Duration: 5 days
Hours: 8:30am - 6:00pm
Format: Live Online
GSA Catalog: GS-02F-0044T

Other Delivery Formats

Private Group Training

VMware 6.0Certification Training Leader

Using Authorized VMware Courseware, delivered in conjunction with Avnet Academy (VMware Authorized Training Center), we offer VMware training courses for VMware certification across North America. Training Camp's exam-focused training has successfully certified thousands of IT & Networking Professionals since 1998.

VMware 6.0  Courseware
Authorized VMware Courseware

This program uses Authorized courseware that is designed by an extensive team of leading industry authors, subject matter experts, and courseware designers. This courseware features improved alignment to the most current VMware improvements and product solutions.

VMware 6.0 Instructors
VMware Certified Instructors

We utilize Certified instructors who are Subject Matter Experts well-versed in accelerated learning and exam preparation during our VMware NSX training courses. Their delivery accommodates every student's learning needs through individualized instruction, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

VMware 6.0 Exam
Live Online Training with VMware Lab Access

This Official VMware Instructor-led training course & supporting labs are designed for online format available from virtually anywhere in the world. This allows greater access to both the extended hour course, and the detailed lab requirements.

VMware 6.0Candidate
This course is for experienced system administrators who specialize in networking. A solid background in a Cisco-based infrastructure or physical networking infrastructure is important. Students should also have basic understanding of data center virtualization fundamentals and Microsoft Windows/Linux operating systems.
Training on your terms.

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VMware Authorized Training
For over 25 years, Avnet has been helping customers realize the value of technology training through major systems implementations, integration and development.

Private Events [Worldwide]
Any Training Camp course curriculum can delivered to your facility, live over the Internet, or to the location of your choice. Onsite Exams Options.

VMware 6.0 Course Outline

Course Introduction

◦Introductions and course logistics
◦Course objectives

Evolution of the Software-Defined Data Center

◦Evolution of the software-defined data center
◦Introduction to vSphere
◦Introduction to network virtualization
◦vSphere networking

Management and Control Components

◦VMware NSX® Manager™
◦VMware NSX® Controller™ clusters

Integrating vSphere and Physical Networking

◦Virtual and physical network integration
◦NSX preparation

NSX Logical Networking and VXLAN

◦VXLAN overview and NSX switching
◦NSX replication modes and frame walk

NSX Logical Routing

◦IP routing fundamentals
◦Overview of routing protocols
◦Distributed logical router
◦Edge gateway routing

NSX Layer 2 Bridging

◦NSX software bridging
◦Distributed logical router and bridging
◦Bridging packet flow
◦Bridging use case and examples
◦Hardware bridging

Additional Edge Gateway Services

◦Network address translation
◦Network load balancing
◦Virtual private networking
◦Edge services gateway high availability

NSX Firewall and Security Services

◦NSX security overview
◦NSX Edge firewall
◦NSX distributed firewall
◦NSX identity-based firewall
◦Service Composer
◦Data security and activity monitoring
◦NSX data security

NSX Operations and Monitoring Tools

◦Backup and availability
◦Role-based access control
◦Monitoring tools
◦Flow monitoring

Multi-vCenter NSX

◦Introduction to multi-vCenter NSX
◦Multi-vCenter NSX deployment models

VMware NSX and Design

◦NSX designs: infrastructure
◦NSX designs: advanced network protocols