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Live Online Training

Training Camp CISSP Certification, CCNA Training, VMWare Courses
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On-Site Training and Certification Delivery

Our private, live online training courses are available to you and your team at any location, worldwide. HD Quality on a Desktop, Laptop, or Mobile Device.

Online trainees are often left bored, disengaged and frustrated by technology barriers. Prior generations of live online training platforms felt more virtual than actual, as learning participants yearned for that personal training touch of a face-to-face connection.

Solution: Training Camp’s Live Online courses are delivered over a scalable, HD Quality training platform that connects our instructors with each student with an unparallelled level of participation and interactivity.
On-Site Training and Certification Delivery
Training Camp connects students and instructors face-to-face online in a way that replicates the physical classroom. Attend one of our engaging, interactive classes from anywhere, with any device.

Our cloud-based platform allows for 25 simultaneous student video feeds - be seen by your instructor and your classmates.
Students and attendees can use any mobile device to connect to training sessions remotely.
Courses are recorded and available for playback and review following each event.
Our virtual training rooms are easily integrated into any learning management system [or can be delivered through ours].
An analytics dashboard allows management to measure compliance and completion.

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