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What’s new in ServiceNow’s Jakarta Release

Date:09/06/2017 Start Time:1:00 PM Eastern (full)
Date:09/06/2017 Start Time:2:30 PM Eastern (limited seating)

CHFI Training

Event Details

Join us for a quick rundown of some of the cool new stuff featured in ServiceNow’s most recent release-Jakarta. There have been hundreds of upgrades across the platform, but in this session we will focus on a few of the ones that we like the most. A few highlights include: a few of the ITSM-related updates, a new way for you to build customer Communities on the platform, and some of the amazing things they’re doing with Performance Analytics.

What is CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CSA+)?

Date:09/26/2017 Start Time:11:00 AM Eastern
Date:09/26/2017 Start Time:1:00 PM Eastern

CHFI Training

Event Details

Learn about the new CompTIA CSA+ certification, and how this program fits into the Cybersecurity Career Pathway with Security+ and CASP.

Hosted by
Patrick Lane, M.Ed., Security+, Network+, CISSP, MCSE
Director, Products, IT Skills Certification

Implementing a GDPR Strategy

Date:09/07/2017 Start Time:11:00 AM Eastern

CHFI Training

Event Details

Join Novacoast and TITUS to discuss the new EU GDPR and how you can build a strategy that helps you upgrade your data classification and satisfy regulations. Meeting guidelines not only helps you avoid hefty fines but builds customer trust and grows your business.

Discussion Topics:
• High level overview of the new GDPR
• How to create effective data security policies to protect your unstructured data
• How to prepare your data security ecosystem in time for the deadline

Earn 1 (ISC)2 CPE Credit by watching the webinar live